Proteknik is a firm with experience and know-how in engineering and consultancy services. The firm aims to achieve success with accurate and high-quality solutions.

As Proteknik, we are providing the most accurate solution by offering professional engineering and consultancy service before, during and after the project with our expert and experienced team. Our services are gathered under geology, geotechnics, geophysics, GIS and remote sensing titles and these are managed as project-based service by using the state-of-art technological methods.

Our team is trained to ensure a safe process and we are directly contributing to your project management by identifying strategies to meet your needs. All our services are offered at the desired speed for all projects with a result-oriented approach. When time is important for the project, the difference of Proteknik is easily visible with reliable personnel and high-quality equipment options.

As a firm that continuously monitors the constantly changing innovations in the sector, we are optimising the services that you will need based on current technology and the application geography. Thus, we represent a work ethic that will help you to get the most accurate solutions in the shortest time.


The main principles of Proteknik are emphasising responsibility, honest, innovative perspective and scientific works and to continuously be a researcher.


We are working to provide fast, accurate and quality services in geology, geotechnics, geophysics, GIS and remote sensing areas with the state-of-art technology.


Our vision is to be the most reputable and successful firm in our operation field.